Kama Sokolnicka-English

Jean Baudrillard [from The Conspiracy of Art]:

“Every picture should take something from the reality of the world, something should also be disappearing from each of them, you should not however surrender to the temptation of annihilation and final entropy, DISAPPEARANCE should stay alive — here is the secret of art and seduction.”

 The intention of this project was to refer both to all ideas published on TheDump.net web page and to other similar ideas. It happens to me to treat text/literature like a manual, but single ideas described by Maurice Benayoun are not a big prize for me – it doesn’t attract me to work on the ideas of the others. Especially interesting in TheDump.net is the past unperfect tense, potentiality, reciprocal, an opposite to “The Cult of Done”. The Dump is a kind of a portrait of ACTUALITY.

In a “dumped” room/showroom I store, so to say, the content of the blog: the dumps from the montage of the group exhibition The Dump in the Center of Contemporary Art Łaźnia in Gdańsk. TheDump.net as an artist’s blog and also as a project, beyond being a kind of art workshop, is a kind of diary. The list of own unrealized projects/ideas is an intimate matter in some measure, which brushes “the pornography of our times” when it is publicated. I try to establish a distance, to create a border between the viewer and this intimate world, by putting the glass plate I substract part of the exhibition space (the cabinet) from the rest of the space. I made the part of the exhibition intimate, leaving a chance to look inside of it.


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