Łukasz Ogórek, 91.0 MHz

The work of Łukasz Ogórek was difficult to discover in the gallery space. The artist put a tap in one of the gallery rooms and a loudspeaker receiver in another. A patient visitor could set the receiver to the 91.0 MHz to listen to the sounds from the room he was in or, if they got too close to the sender, an unpleasant sound of feedback. 

The work was noticeable when it was loud in the room, in contrast to Benayoun’s idea described in the blog “Silence!”, thedump.net: sunday, June 29, 2008

Illustration, a picture in the public space which is perceived when nobody is speaking close to it. It disappears when we raise our voice. With its impact it expresses conditions for its recognition. The picture’s visibility is inversely proportional to the surrounding noise. Applying this rule to city adverts denies a fatic strategy. Paying attention is not a way in which a picture catches the eye of the pedestrian. He, in his doubt, will be obliged to break his life course to be acquainted with a message that he has to consider if it is he who is its addressee. The structure of some communication networks is based on the same model: everybody transmits for all, only a true recipient “listens”.”

 “91.0 MHz” was not a reply to the blog entry; both ideas were based on a similar concept and with joint presentation they have been complementary.


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