Agnieszka Chojnacka, NeverEndingStory. Try to make the world more intelligible, even if for you it is totally unintelligible

Agnieszka Chojnacka followed the instructions given in the post “Black Hole“, Wednesday, 8th  November 2006

Installation, wind

In the times when sight experiences have become again to be accepted by the art world, thanks to artists such as: James Turrell, Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson, we can say that wind-artists could work on intensity using void. From Klein to Turrell, we tried to create the true image of soul through retina. (we never say enough about return of optics in the contemporary times). Lets accept literality of the issue, expression of soul will reveal when we immerse in our dreams and doubts.

Simulated surface in Turrell`s works can be compared to meaning of the window in renaissance  painting. I am thinking about a hole revealing black space, without any reflections, utterly absorbing light. Staying in the front of the black hole we become physically entrapped by the emptiness of its interior. The work persuades us to keep distance. Black rectangle seems to be flat, stuck to the wall, like a canvas stretched and framed in reversed perspective.

It is hard to sell the wind, and even harder, when the art work takes more light and space then it gives.”

 She followed it so closely that the effect of the black hole on the gallery wall surprised even the author of the idea. In her sound installation she used a part of the previous work from 2006 ( The sound coming from the black hole in the wall was the sound of the wind destroying the Fantasy World from the movie “NeverEnding Story“, the German production from 1984 directed by Wolfgang Petersen, based on the fantasy novel by Michael Ende “NeverEnding Story” (1979). The film is a story about the fight against Nothingness which annihilates the Fantasy World and about co-existence of two complementary  words: the world of fantasy and the world of human reality.

Agnieszka Chojnacka filled Maurice’s concept with new content. Her work has become a story about co-existence of the two worlds, a child’s fantasy about a monster living at the bottom of a creaking closet. It is also a question whether attempts to understand the world shouldn’t be searched for in the magic world of a child’s utopia.


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