Exhibition and project

How can our times be defined? Roy Ascott, British artist and theorist, has described it as a period of a second flood – an information flood. Pierre Lévy follows this thought and explains it as a vision of a world in which the amount of accessible information has rapidly increased. The present reality is of a chaotic deluge of news, stream of data, cacophony of media and war of images. It can be said that the contemporary world is a place characterized by overproduction of data, information and images. (See: Pierre Lévy, Drugi potop (Second flood), Magazyn Sztuki (Art Magazine) (13-14 (1-2/97) Can contemporary art be defined as an overproduction of concepts?

TheDump.net is a concept of French artist and theorist Maurice Benayoun, briefly described as a dump or repository of thoughts. It is a website/blog in which the artist puts into store his difficult projects, fuzzy concepts and fleeting visions, ideas which emerge every day.

The Dump.net can be defined as a kind of internet forum which is open for interaction with visitors (artists and curators). Each visitor can take something from it and use it, to accomplish it or interpret it.

The Dump.net is a kind of thoughts recycling, it is not the end but the beginning of something which could be brought into existance or materialized. It evokes an interesting situation. In contemporary art it is the concept which is given most importance and on Dump blog the artist allows us to use his thoughts and gives us access to the flow of his creative imagination. Is there a need to produce new ideas if instead the existing one can be used? This question is inherent in Benayoun`s project. We live in times of the `big quotation`, the eternal return of old trends, permanent repetitions and interpretations. The original has its genesis in another, the copy read as an original, creates another copy. The process is permanent due to the accessibility of the internet and the omnipresence of mass media. 

What today distinguishes artists from the rest of society? Until the beginning of the 20th century everything was simple. Skills were needed to be artists. Artists were creating using `disegno’ and although based on an initial idea the relationship between abilities and concepts were balanced. 20th century art has shifted the situation – art has become the kingdom of ideas. Concepts have become the most important part of artistic activity. Final works can be produced by somebody else, emerge as a result of coincidence or be composed by viewers.

The Dump project – recycling of thoughts was not an original idea it is an interpretation of Maurice Benayoun`s concept. In the `instances` article  on Dump website it can be read that projects contained there are a kind of musical score open for interpretation. Artists invited to our project will be asked to choose a concept from Dump and accomplish it.

The Dump – recycling of thoughts project was a kind of experiment, its composition can remain an internet forum. What are the rules of this game? Artists were asked to search the Dump website seeking inspiration there. They could  decide if they want to interpret chosen ideas or to materialize something found there. The.dump.net. in this project was understood as a database, an open source of ideas. Consultations with Maurice Benayoun, all ideas author are not required but possible. The author was absent, only his thoughts are available.


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